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Meet Android TV Buddy … your best friend for all your home entertainment device needs!

This unique software is bundled with all our Android TV Boxes and Amazon Fire Stick streaming devices.  Also you can buy one of our services to service your existing streaming device.

This is a 1 of a kind software made and optimised for Android TV boxes.  It also works perfect on Amazon Fire TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks and Nvidia Shield Pro consoles.

Please note whether you are a novice or intermediate level user or even a proficient IT expert in using Android TV boxes, you will still benefit from this software.  It has designed to be the 1 and Only software you ever need if you own an Android TV box or any of the above devices.

The reason this application is called Android TV Buddy because it is supposed to be your best friend if you own an Android TV box or one of the above streaming devices.

The software has bee designed so it is very easy to use regardless of your IT experience or lack of it and it is suitable for the young and older people and everyone.  Please note you must be over 18 to use this application.

Regardless of what settings and configuration your existing Android TV box has, this application is the only application that can unlock the full potential of your box with best settings and configuration.

Having researched just about all the best apps available for Android TV Boxes and Amazon Fire devices we decided to combine the best features, looks and easy functionality of all these apps and add many of our own ideas to ensure no feature we felt was missed out that a customer or potential customer may need.

Can you imagine a PC or laptop without Microsoft Windows or an Apple computer or Apple laptop without the Apple Mac operating system? Can you imagine a car without an engine? Just like you can’t imagine this and you would never buy a computer without an operating system and you wouldn’t usually buy a car without an engine, similarly you may think you have the best software or build already installed for your Android TV Box or Amazon Fire device or you may think you have the best set up already… however think again.   You haven’t seen anything till you see Android TV Buddy.

A box is not complete without our application.