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Apple TV 4 and 4K Premium Apps Install Service - Includes Web Browser +Provenance +Games etc

What does this service offer me?

PLEASE NOTE:  This service does not include an Apple TV 4 and it doesn’t include an Apple TV 4K either!  You should already have one.

This service is for us professionally signing with a paid developer account and installing the most amazing in demand applications for your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K that are not available on the official Apple store.  We all know that Apple make some of the best hardware and software in the world.  Everything looks nice and works nice.  However Apple also locks down their devices so you can only install official Apple apps on them and nothing else.   Many people are not aware that some of the best Apps you can get for your Apple TV4 or Apple TV 4K are not available on the official Apple store. 

To get these amazing apps installed you need to be rather tech savvy and you also need a paid Apple developer account as well.  This paid account costs a lot of money per year.  We use our paid Apple developer account to install this amazing extra functionality and some superb apps that will complete your Apple TV4 or Apple TV 4K box.  The best part is we Do Not Jail break your device.  We side load the software professionally and hence that means your Apple warranty is intact.  Do not take the risk or buying an Apple TV4 or Apple TV 4K service from a seller that jailbreaks your device.

Many advantages of getting this service for your Apple TV4 or Apple TV4K streaming box

We only install the most amazing in demand applications for your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV4K such as Provenance and a web browser and some software installs that are unique to us.  Also to make this an extraordinary product we have loaded lots of Super Nintendo and Sega Mega drive freeware and shareware but great games with cover art in Provenance application.  Many of the classics you may remember when SNES and Mega drive were considered to be the best consoles in their time.  That is not all…. our Apple TV services provide a unique configuration and you won’t get this from anyone else besides us.

The games work reasonably well with an Apple remote.  However if you like retro gaming like us, you may like the games so much that you may decide to buy the official Apple TV 4K control pad at a later stage!

Please note we Do Not install applications on Apple TV 1s or Apple TV 2s.    Please note no one can unlock Apple TV 3s! Hence please do not message us asking if they can be done.  

This service is for unlocking and side loading your Apple TV 4 or 4K with the current best and most in demand applications for Apple TV 4 or 4Ks and some really cool apps such as browser and Provenance for playing games.  We use our expertise knowledge and skills and our paid Apple developer account to professionally install the best software not available from the official Apple store.  This unlocks a whole new world of entertainment for your device. 

Please note:  this auction is service only and does not include an Apple TV 4 OR an Apple TV 4K.

You must have one of these devices already and have a fast internet connection to get the most out of streaming.  Minimum 10 mb recommended.

Important – Before buying our Apple TV 4/4K applications installation service

Installing apps and configuring your device is a very technical procedure on Apple TV4/4Ks and requires a professional paid developer account and it can’t be done remotely. 

How do I get this service done?

If you want to get your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K unlocked and sorted out the easy way, please follow instructions below:

  1. Please buy this service and complete the sale.  Wait for our message that provides dispatch address.
  2. Please post us your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K and remote only
  3. Please pack well and use bubble wrap if you can.  Inside the parcel include a piece of paper with your full name and address and postcode and a contact number in case we need to contact you.  If you have had any installation service done before we recommend you do a factory restore and do a software update before sending us your Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K to us.
  4. Please use minimum Royal mail first class signed for posting and retain proof of posting.  Try and post at your earliest convenience and send us tracking number if you can.
  5. After we have received your Apple TV 4 or 4K we shall forward to making it reach its full potential. Please allow 5 to 7 working days after we receive it to unlock your device’s full potential and post back to you.

Please note:
Any non official applications we install last for 1 year due to how Apple licensing works for non standard apps.  After 1 year if you want the additional functionality you need to send us the Apple TV 4 or Apple TV4K and your remote for a service again.  We can provide a discount for returning customers if needed.

Product Information

Condition :

This item is service only for your existing Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K unit.

Seller notes :

This is an application installation service for your existing Apple TV4 or Apple TV 4K. An Apple TV is NOT included! Please allow up to 3 weeks after we receive your device for a turnaround. Apple servicing takes a long time and we only do this service now on special request.

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