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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro Android Remote Install Service VPN Available too!

What is this remote do it yourself service?

This service item is for an NVIDIA Shield TV streaming box.  It is compatible for the professional version of the box and also the new slim NVIDIA Shield 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Box as well.  NVidia Shield VIP and Premium Apps Remote Installation & Upgrade Repair Service“.

This service is for an NVIDIA Shield TV streaming box. You will NOT receive NVIDIA Shield TV Box from purchasing this listing.

This works on all NVIDIA Shield TV 4K and NVIDIA Shield TV Pro boxes.  You already have the Rolls R of streaming devices and now it is time to get amazing software for your device.

You will be glad to know you DON’T need to first buy this service and then pay again by posting us your device and then wait some days to receive your precious NVIDIA streaming box back.

This service is REMOTE one of a type do it yourself service available to you anywhere in the world.

We have decided to keep the description as brief as possible.  This is no doubt the best software service for your device. You are paying to use our own custom software solution not available from anyone else in the world.   The best bit is that it is fully legal as well!

Forget what you know or what you think you know?  The Future of Home Entertainment is here NOW!

You don’t need this service if you know how to sideload apps on yur device (best and free ones not on your device store).

You just need to know how to follow instructions to download and install our app. We wil refund you if you can’t follow our easy to follow instructions.  Instructions have been updated on how to install and if a customer can’t follow them we can’t assit remotely, intead we will refund you.

IT professionals for over 14 years with 1000s of fully satisfied customers.   Why settle for less?

Please see our feedback as it speaks for itself. Also we are trusted eBay sellers. This is an elite seller status very difficult to achieve.   / We will be selling primarily on website very soon.  Bye bye Ebay.

No NVIDIA Shield console included. You need your own. This is a service only.

How does this service compare to numerous similar offerings on eBay and elsewhere?

In all fairness you can’t compare this service or software with any other service.  You can only compare similar services.  This is a bespoke solution.

 In over 90% of scenarios you can just uninstall any current apps, games and your current set up you don’t need anymore and then renew to the current best set up available today.

We give you 10 x More and our Customer service and Tech support is 100 x better than most sellers!

Please note, many sellers say never out of date with the services they offer, when in reality their set up is out of date within a few weeks in most cases.

Our promise to you, if you find identical software with all our features we will give you this software free!

Meet our Android TV Buddy software (not to be mistaken for Droid Buddy or any other software with similar names).  

This market is very competitive and hence to ensure no seller can match us we have created a one of kind software to cater for your A-Z Home entertainment needs.  There was only one competitor in the world we knew that could give us competition for our software solution and hence we decided to team up with them.  Now literally no one can touch our quality and service and professional service.

What do I get once I have bought this service?

Say bye bye to what you thought you knew, we have exceeded customer expectations through product innovation. 

This is Android TV Buddy (The most popular and in demand – updated version of our application)

With this very newest and best version of our software, please pay and then wait patiently for your username and password and instructions.  Our estimated dispatch time is in listing but we usually exceed our expected dispatch times.  After payment we will enable the download link for you, we will message you instructions on how to install our software.  All you need to do is follow these instructions and install the software and use your unique username and password to log in.  This software is available for you anywhere in the world!

Please note once you are logged in it will take your approx. an hour or could be more depends on your internet speeds and how many apps and games and goodies you want to install to have everything configured like a professional with the ultimate up to date configuration that exists today. 

All sounds great, how do I get this software?

Please buy this item and pay for it.  Then please wait for us to contact you before you follow the install instructions.  Depending on how busy we are it can be up to 24 to 72 hours before we get back to you.  Please be patient and wait for our message and instructions.


  • You need minimum 10 MB internet and unlimited bandwidth to get most out of this service
  • We reserve the right to change or update and add or remove app features in the future
  • You can only use your username and password on one device after purchase
  • Refund will be provided if you are not fully happy or your report a problem we can’t help you fix (rather rare)
  • Before using this software you are agreeing to the software disclaimer box the software will present you with


Product Information

Condition :

This item is for a service only. You must have your own NVIDIA Shield TV console. The service will work on NVIDIA Shield TV 4K or the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro console.

Seller notes :

This item is for a service only. You must have your own NVIDIA Shield TV console. The service will work on NVIDIA Shield TV 4K or the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro console.


Does not apply


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