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Service Guide

How do I get this software?

These are the instructions you need to follow to install our software that currently works on most Android TV Boxes, Nvidia Shield Consoles, Amazon Fire Sticks and Amazon Fire TVs (All Generations) and Amazon Cubes as well. I would highly recommend you try following these instructions on a PC or Laptop (Windows or Apple Mac) or a smart phone or a Tablet. That is easiest way to get the software installed because you can open the guide on one device and then install using our instructions on your actual device.

Ps. we are now reminding all our customers, this is an electronic follow our instructions and do it yourself use our software remote service to make your device even better than it already is.

Please read all the instructions in this page to get the most out of the service (you can skip paragraphs Not related to the device you need the service for. However please read everything else. As we are allowing free trials now, we won’t be able to help you get the software installed if you can’t follow the install guides. We have tried our best to make the user guide as easy to follow as possible. If you pay for the software and can’t follow our guide to install it let us know and we will simply refund you. If you think we can improve our install guides let us know please.

All UK customers ONLY please Browse to Below page and follow advice if your internet company is listed on this page, this is Essential: have enabled the download link for you now, hence you can start when you are ready.

Amazon Fire Sticks / Amazon Fire TVs

For Amazon Fire Sticks OR Amazon Fire TVs or Amazon Fire TV Cube please view or download and follow PRECISELY instructions from:

Nvidia Shield Consoles

For NVidia Shield TV please view or download and follow PRECISELY instructions from:

Android TV Boxes (Android 6.0 to Android 9 and beyond compatible):

For Android TV Boxes please view or download and follow PRECISELY instructions from:

Once you have installed Android TV buddy, if you have not yet paid us then you can try the software before you buy it by logging in as a Guest user. This will allow you to install any 2 apps you like but after that you will need to become a registered user. If you uninstall and reinstall the application you still won’t be able to install more than 2 apps at all.

For any customers that have paid for the software by purchasing it from our website or from our Ebay advert, we usually email the username and password within 24 to 48 hours. If you have already waited that long then email us on for your username and password. Let us know what date you bought our software and where you bought it from.

If help / advice needed just email us and we will get back to you as soon as we get a chance.


DroidTVBox Admin